Line of cosmetics

These blends of modern and botanical science known through ancient wisdom are formulated with organic ingredients, contain no synthetic fragrances or dyes, use therapeutic grade oils, provide the skin with all necessary nutrients, are cruelty-free and dermatologist tested. The products used in Top Skin Solutions treatments are chosen after a lifetime of experience with a plethora of skincare lines:

Rosa Graf Products

Rosa Graf

and Inclusive

For over 90 years, Rosa Graf has continued to be one of the world’s most ground-breaking and advanced skincare product lines. With several lines and treatments containing natural sources and innovative ingredients
that target concerns of different skin types, Rosa Graf has earned high praise around the world.

Institute BCN

Cutting-Edge Formulas


Institute BCN formulates the most advanced ampoules holding pure, active ingredients that provide effective and custom solutions for a wide range of skin and body concerns. Pair with facials, micro-needling, derma rollers, galvanic currents, ultrasound, electromagnetic waves and more.

TIZO Mineral Sunscreens

Ingredient highlight ZINC OXIDE


TIZO Mineral Sunscreens help prevent pigmentation changes and helps to slow signs of pre-mature skin ageing. Since 1989 TIZO Sunscreens have been focused on “turning back the hands of time” by protecting the skin from the ageing effects of the sun. Solar Radiation exposure results in dry, damaged skin with a higher risk of pigmentation changes, fine lines and wrinkles as well as skin cancer. 


  • chemical sunscreens
  • oils
  • preservatives 
  • parabens

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